Running SQL Server in AWS & Azure

Unbiased facts, not hype, to save you valuable time.

Created by Brent Ozar

Workshop Description

You're used to managing your own SQL Servers in VMs, but now they're asking you to work with the cloud.

You're already comfortable installing, backing up, and performance tuning "regular" SQL Servers, and you just need to catch up with what's different about the cloud.

You don't want hype - you just want honest opinions from someone who doesn't work for a cloud vendor.

In this recorded class, you'll learn:

  • * How to assess your current workloads
  • * How to pick the right VM type for your workload
  • * How to size storage for performance, not size
  • * How to assess wait stats in cloud VMs
  • * How to back up directly to cloud-native file systems
  • * Where Azure Managed Instances & AWS RDS make sense

I'm Brent Ozar, and I've been managing client VMs in the cloud for over a decade. I'll get you up to speed with unbiased facts, not hype, and save you valuable time as your career transitions to the next level.