How the Live Classes Work

Ready to attend one of my live training classes? Here's what you wanna know:

How do I attend a live class?

On the day/time of your class - ideally a few minutes before - log in and go to the live streaming module in this course. During paid private classes, the only folks who will see the live stream are the folks who've paid for the class.

For the best experience while watching live classes, I recommend using wired networks (not WiFi) and at least a 1080p monitor. I'll be sharing my desktop, working through queries and execution plans at full 1080p resolution, and you won't wanna be squinting at a 12" monitor screen as I go.

How do I ask questions during live classes?

During the live classes, join the #BrentOzarUnlimited Slack channel, or read the instructions on how to get in. I only do Q&A over Slack – if you can’t get in there, you won’t be able to ask questions or turn in your homework.

What do I need to follow along with the labs?

For each class, there are modules about prerequisites and how to set up your own lab server.

How many students are in each live class?

This isn't like my free public webcasts with hundreds of students. In my paid private classes, attendee count is way, way lower, typically around 20-40 students. That gives me the time to really dive deeply into your questions.

Can I share my login with someone else?

Only one session can be logged in at a time, so if you share your login with someone else, and they attend class at the same time you do, bam, your login will be disabled for 24 hours. You'd be pretty disappointed, and no, I won't unlock it for you during class. I'm busy teachin'. ;-)

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