Prerequisites Before the Class

Hi, Brent here! I’m really excited to welcome you to Mastering Server Tuning.

Watch the rest of my classes first.

This class is the pinnacle of my classes. In here, I assume that you've already finished all of the Fundamentals and Mastering classes. You're going to be leveraging all of your index and query tuning knowledge here.

Armed with the material in those classes, you’ll be well-equipped to keep up in this Mastering class.

Set up your lab class VM.

Read these instructions on how to set up a Mastering class VM. It'll take several hours. (The great news is that once you've set up a VM once, you're good to go for all of my Mastering classes - the setup is the same for all of them.)

If you're attending a live class, join the Slack channel.

To ask questions and talk to the other attendees, go to to get an instant invite, then join the #BrentOzarUnlimited channel. This way attendees can help each other with their questions during the live labs.

Audio will come through your computer speakers, so you’ll want clear speakers or a set of headphones. (You don’t have to worry about a microphone or webcam – other attendees won’t see or hear you.)

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