How the Recorded Class Season Pass Works

How do I ask questions about the classes?

When you have a question about a particular module, leave a comment on the page for that module. I answer those questions within a business day or two.

If you have a private question about your specific server, and you need to send supporting files like execution plans, you can email me at [email protected]. Keep it simple and straightforward, though: if it involves reading pages of text, it's probably a better fit for one of my consulting engagements.

What order should I attend the classes in?

Each class has its own prerequisites listed, but overall, here's what I'd recommend:

  1. How to Think Like the Engine (free)
  2. How I Use the First Responder Kit
  3. Fundamentals of Index Tuning
  4. Optional: Fundamentals of Columnstore Indexes
  5. Fundamentals of Query Tuning
  6. Fundamentals of Parameter Sniffing
  7. Optional: Fundamentals of TempDB
  8. Mastering Index Tuning
  9. Mastering Query Tuning
  10. Mastering Parameter Sniffing
  11. Mastering Server Tuning

I can't tell you how many times folks have told me, "Whoa, I thought I knew what I was doing - I've been working with databases for 10 years - but it turns out I didn't even know the fundamentals!" Don't skip classes: you're only going to feel terrible if you can't keep up at the Mastering level.

What do I need to follow along with the labs?

In each of the classes, there are modules about prerequisites and how to set up your own lab server. Generally, all of the Fundamentals use the same small VM setup, but Fundamentals of Columnstore and the Mastering classes require a larger VM setup with a larger database to more accurately represent real-world problems.

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