About the Consultant Toolkit

You’re a consultant, and you need to get diagnostic data from your clients’ SQL Servers.

You’re tired of asking them, “What version are you running?” and “How big are your databases?” You’re sick of running DMV queries one at a time, copy/pasting the results into files. You’ve played around with the built-in tools like PSSdiag, but they take so much overhead, and they’re missing so much important data.

The Consultant Toolkit is a simple app that helps you make more money, faster.

1. Download the app, and run it at your clients (or give it to your clients to run.) You can email it to them, or put it on your web site. There’s nothing in the app or spreadsheet to point back to us – it looks like you built the app yourself. (The name isn’t even Consultant Toolkit – we purposely don’t list the name here so your clients won’t Google it and come back to us.)

2. Point it at a SQL Server, and it exports diagnostic data to Excel. In a matter of minutes, you get an Excel spreadsheet with tabs for sp_Blitz, sp_BlitzIndex, sp_BlitzCache, and even saves the most resource-intensive query plans into separate .sqlplan files. You can download a sample output file below.

3. You analyze the data and look like a hero. You’re able to track down complex issues in minutes, build more comprehensive health check reports, and make more money with less manual labor.

You can even install the Consultant Toolkit at your client sites, set up a scheduled Windows task, and have it automatically upload the Excel spreadsheet & query plans to Amazon S3. You can regularly keep tabs on your clients’ servers without having to VPN all over the place.

I’ve used the Consultant Toolkit for years as part of my SQL Critical Care® process, and I can’t imagine doing my work without it. Give it a shot – I bet your clients will love the results.

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