Fundamentals Week

Like a conference taught just by Brent.

Created by Brent Ozar


You love learning from me.

You've attended some of my free online streams, read my blog posts, and you use the First Responder Kit. You enjoy my laid-back, humorous approach to sharing what I've learned over the years.

You love live classes. You've tried watching recordings or stepping through demos yourself, just can't block out the time, and you can't stay motivated while you're watching a recording. You like the fast-paced energy of seeing me live, asking me questions, and seeing me respond to your chats.

You hate free conferences that feel like Zoom meetings. You've tried attending a few community events, but they felt just like sitting through one meeting after another. They didn't dive deeply into any one subject - they just hopped around from one topic to another, and many of those topics just weren't relevant to you. They were good for free stuff, but...

You're ready for Fundamentals Week. On May 10-14, you'll spend the week with me learning about indexes, query tuning, columnstore, how I use the First Responder Kit, and more. Here's the lineup, all 9AM-4PM Eastern US time:

Your registration gets you into those live classes. To keep prices low, recordings are not included - this event is really just for folks who like to learn live. If you want recordings, check out my Recorded Class Season Pass.