What's Included in Fundamentals Week

Your Fundamentals Week registration includes:

  • The ability to attend all of the live online classes during Fundamentals Week, plus any bonus classes
  • The ability to download the slides & demo scripts for each class
  • The ability to participate live and ask questions in the Slack chat

The Fundamentals Week classes are:

Just to be clear, these things are not included:

  • Recordings of the classes - for that, check out my Recorded Class Season Pass: Fundamentals.
  • A virtual machine for you to follow along with the demos - you'll need to build your own if you want to follow along, and the instructions for that are in each class's prerequisites.
  • Consulting services - while I can answer questions about the class material, I can't do personal server troubleshooting during the classes. For that, check out my consulting services.

Now, I'm gonna be honest: that first class, Fundamentals of Columnstore, is actually on the tougher side. I actually scheduled that class before I scheduled Fundamentals Week, and it was already on Monday - however, I'm throwing it in here as part of the bundle. If you don't really need columnstore indexes, I would actually recommend skipping that Monday class because it may melt your brain - and you'll already have a lot of brain-melting happening through the rest of the week.